Lee's Center Rigger Holder - Inner Diameter 1-5/8" [MX8000CR]

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Adjustable Angle holders MX8000CR (1-5/8" ID) are our strongest and most versatile holders. The three-point mounting distributes the stress and provides side support. This heavy duty unit allows you to set your outrigger angle for maximum efficiency. The angle is set by positioning the clamp on the main tube during installation. The main tube of this unit is designed to accept the outrigger in either end so the holder can be mounted above or below any flat surface. A fast pin can be substituted for the bolt connecting the clamp to the wing for bridge laydown capability. Approximate area required for mounting is 14-1/2" x 18".

Recommended poles for MX8000CR

  • MX8719CR - 19 ft MX Step- Tube Style
  • MX8716CX - 16 ft MX Step- Tube Style - Single Spreader
  • MX8719CX - 19 ft MX Step- Tube Style - Single Spreader
  • MX8720CX - 20 ft MX Step- Tube Style - Double Spreader
  • MX8722CX - 22 ft MX Step- Tube Style - Single Spreader or Double Spreader

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